Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big List of Japanese Nuclear News Update Sources

Or BLJNNUS for short.  Which is only an actual word on my home planet.  It is our word for "three-eye flying snail"...which is not a species native to Earth, but after a few decades of radiation, it might be.

I am going to be updating this list as I find new sources...and if YOU know of any sources, please recommend them to me in a comment here or on Facebook or somewhere or other.

(UPDATED LIST AS OF 4-14-2011)

I should note that finding UNBIASED sources of raw spin-free news about ANYTHING is impossible these days...everyone is in bed with SOMEONE, it try to use your own good judgement (if you have any...and if you do, please send some to me as I ran out a few years ago).

At my primary forum home (for all things doom-related) we have been toiling away posting updates on the situation.  I am posting a link to the beginning of the thread: 

THIS thing here is not a news source, but a nifty little tool for checking out wind patterns/radioactivity in air currents.

REAL-TIME RADIATION MAPS/GRAPHS/FEEDS.  Not sure of the accuracy of all of them, use your best judgement (trust no one):

Fun little radiation dose chart that you can have tattooed on your chest:

THIS one is an interesting little tool (but then people have said the same thing about me):