Monday, December 30, 2013

A quick almost-new-year update.

Back full time at the yurt....currently18 below outside, 70 inside...and I’ve just written another new song.  May be a good one...and really different chords/progressions from my norm (when I’m doing regular verse/chorus music).  Lyrics already clambering their way onto paper.  I forgot how artistically prolific I can be when I am not romantically bonded (or proactively seeking to be) and not actively engaged in working 50+ hours a week to make other people wealthy...and I’m sure the aversion to being outside in the tundra adds to that.  Time, focus and vital energy being channeled into my work...I have my old flow back.  It feels good.

I set myself the challenge of recording 24 songs between now and the coming spring/summer (and maybe another album’s worth with my acoustic duo), and I have 8 of them completed and another 10 or so in various stages of production, so I’m at least 50% there.  At least.  Then I very well may take my acoustic and a sackful of songs on the road next much as I’ve enjoyed the challenge of finding ways to not freeze in my glorified tent, I think that house concerts and coffee houses in the warm states may be a pragmatic alternate.

Aside from that, I am looking at doing more radio and audio programs for a friend in CA, much more Off-Grid John videos, and trying to find other ways to be "value-added".