Monday, February 13, 2012

Just a note for clarification purposes.


I noticed on a thread on reddit that there are some folks that have the impression that I bailed from the yurt for the winter due to the winter weather. Not surprised that people would have that impression since I have not made any detailed statement as to why I took the room in town and that would be the logical conclusion.

I actually took the room in town because I was dating a woman who lives there, am working on an acoustic duo with someone in town and have a ton of new friends and activities there. The OTHER big reason was that my easement/road becomes impassible once there is more than a millimeter of snow and I had a choice between parking by the highway and being in the way of anyone who needs access (which has turned out to not be an issue) or just parking on my property and being snowbound for 4 months or so.

Truth be told, I WAS a bit worried as to whether or not I'd be able to handle extremely low temps in the yurt, but that has turned out to not be so much of an issue...this winter has been almost freakishly mild and my insulation scheme seems to have worked out pretty well.

So my bailing out for the winter had a LOT less to do with the direct physical conditions and a LOT more to do with my personal life and basic logistics. In terms of the yurt being a viable structure to live in year-round, I'm pretty confidant that it can be done easily and without great expense...and plenty of people are doing just that out there...even in places like Alaska. The 2-3 nights a week that I have been spending there have been blissfully comfortable.

I hope to install a more robust wood stove and get my solar heating system implemented for NEXT I'm planning on making some improvements to the property that should make the logistics less of an issue.