Friday, April 28, 2017


Nixon may be the first president in recent memory to disgrace the be followed by the questionable behavior of several of those who came after (from BOTH sides of the aisle)...but Trump is the first one to actually turn it into a total fucking joke. This is the most embarrassingly stupid man that has EVER taken the oath of office...and I would feel that way if he was a Democrat, and Green, a Libertarian, or a sworn minion of Cthulhu...and this goes WELL beyond partisan nattering bullshit for me...the guy is an imbecile and probably in the early stages of some form of coke-induced dementia. At the BEST of times it seems like he is profoundly cognitively the worst he seems SECONDS away from running naked around the oval office covered in his own feces.
The fact that he crawled his way into office despite being nothing more than a rich brutish pig born with a silver spoon lodged in his trachea is indicative of how low our society has sunk...and the fact that his insane behavior, blatant nepotism, criminality and war-mongering have not gotten him booted OUT of office yet is indicative of our continued slide down into the crusty cesspool of iniquity that is our most probable future.
We have become a nation of brain-dead thugs with a few bright exceptions thrown in (who will probably be eliminated in some future redneck-led pogrom). We're toast. Fuck it. Hope is dead. RIP hope...nice knowing you. Glub glub glub.
And don't give me any of that "but Hillary is/was a ______ too" sniveling apologist dribble as an excuse for THIS walking bucket of orange-colored hyena shit: I couldn't stand her EITHER...but at least she was literate and could speak an entire coherent sentence without looking like she just soiled her adult diaper.
Fuck that fucking clown...and fuck this consensual reality matrix that created that rotting pile of smelly goat afterbirth too!
Someone wake me the fuck up and tell me that the whole past 52 years I've been slumming in this godforsaken hell dimension has been nothing but an accelerating bad dream and that I'll wake up to find myself on a planet populated by enlightened beings who wouldn't think Honey Boo Boo was a viable form of entertainment...and wouldn't think that a big fat sub-literate baby in an ill-fitting tan-sprayed man-suit would be a GREAT idea to head a country bristling with nukes!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Video Series: Calm the Hell Down, Pts 1-3

These are 3 minute videos with calming and soothing imagery and instrumental music for a quick shot of calm during your busy day.