Sunday, February 20, 2011

Urbane Homestudding TM

is MINE bitches!!!

Do you hear me?!?

Also, Urban Homewreaking, Ermine Homeschooling, and Unctious everyone out there better keep their f**king hands off of these or you will hear from my lawyers, you scum-sucking bastards!!!



  1. I've got Urbane House-sitting and Urchin Hem Sewing, Ludi, so keep back! I've got a nun!

  2. @Heidi-You're a van-dweller? Fantastic! I was thinking about doing that myself for a while, until I bought some acreage...I still might make it Plan on wheels.

    @Tim-Urchin Hem Sewing! Brilliant!

    Overall, and I know others have pointed this out, the really irksome thing for me is that this is exactly the type of thing people expect from TPTB...companies like MonSatan patenting genes or whatnot...when it comes from (what I think people have mistakenly considered) a member of the "community", it cuts pretty deep, and I totally understand, and share, the anger.

    Interestingly, when you dig a little into the background of these folks you find that their point of entry into the back-to-the-Earth movement was emphatically NOT the point of entry that normally attracts people to the movement. So their core motivators are probably rather different from the generically eco-friendly motivations that propel many others...even though the external trappings appear VERY similar. Once I spent a couple hours reading up on them, this all became a lot clearer.

    I also would not be surprised if these people were motivated by the copyright/fair use lawsuits that have been going on for a couple years regarding certain online news sources. I'm just speculating, but dragging people into court to ostensibly get them to settle is a money-maker for some entities and it would surprise me not at all if that is the incentive.