Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pluto Radio

It suddenly occured to me that I have not represented Pluto Radio on this here blog here it is:

This is an online radio station started by an old friend of mine that is in the classic free form radio style that used to make radio worth listening to back in the 60's through 80's...and what's more, they also are one of the few online radio stations that plays my own music on a pretty regular basis AND the ONLY station where you will here me functioning as a DJ.  The majority of the music you here on there is from independent bands and artists, many of whom display a serious degree of talent.

So tune in and give it a never know what you'll hear on's pretty much all over the map, as life should be.


  1. Thanks for the push John... We love you on Planet Pluto!

  2.'re're doing a great service to the indie community!