Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The latest GEAB is out.

I have not subscribed, but I always look forward to their summaries.

2011 is what I'm calling "The Year of The Canaries".  I think this year is where the erosion of the fundamental underpinnings of our global economy...and further, the very integrity of our biosphere, picks up a speed that will astonish even the most pessimistic.  On the surface, I think QE2 is working its questionable "magic", which will make the 95% of people who don't pay attention and haven't a clue think that we are in a "recovery".  In 2012 (or the latter part of 2011...which ever comes sooner...hahaha) the wheels will fall off in earnest.

This is assuming that we don't have any huge curves that come our way this year.  The system is so achingly brittle as it is, it would not take much for something to spread like a contagion, knocking everything over in it's path.


  1. Love the new blog, John... Look forward to your insight. Thanks for promoting our free form music stream!

  2. Nice launch, John. Thanks for adding your rational, lucid voice to the blogosphere.

  3. Thanks to the both of you!

    Not sure what this blog will be about or which direction(s) it will go in, but I hope to make it something that will be of benefit in some small way.