Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off-Grid John: Monthly Update #1 July 2011


  1. And I thought you were an eloquent Chicago business man taking a test drive in a Yurt :) but musician, writer and I think FB said flakey new age person. Either way your videos provide very funny, entertaining, informative and eloquent ramble that has brought a smile to my face in the midst of economic layoffs and the demise of my highly stressful career. I now have visions of my own Yurt with Peta Bottles and that nifty filter.... my high heels and business suits hitting the trash can. I'll be watching...:) cheers

  2. Actually, I'm both. I have a professional career, but my heart belongs to alienating vast swaths of people with my perky little songs.

    Sorry to hear about your career...these are the times. Often it's the best we can hope for to keep our heads above the water.

  3. The vast swaths...quite a mission :). I figured there was a professional career buried somewhere in the pages....perhaps journalism. Well I had to get back to you because I shared your pages and Yurt, Water info with a friend retiring to Ecuador. He also enjoyed the Bio with the summary "it really doesn't matter what we do" and I found that quite funny after all the mental ramblings:). Also we enjoyed the "out of body". Pretty incredible. I can remember coming back all the time as a child - thought I was suffocating before first breath. Weird. Well onward to your adventure and thanks for sharing as I am researching all modes of sustainability.

    Yes I think the Universe changed all the rules a few years ago and now we must think in new ways. Old ones do not work. This French Teacher is interesting - living w/out money...started a successful barter business.

    Cheers :)

  4. You came to my sale in early August. Want to make sure you know about Lehman's Non-Electric catalog. Peace. Out.